Island Trips with Dalmatia-holidays team

When you come to Dalmatia for holidays, then you must visit at least some of the many islands. Feel Island Trips with Dalmatia-holidays team.
The only way to truly get to know beauties of Dalmatia is to navigate between Dalmatian islands.
Sailing among islands, surrounded by the sun, sea smell and fresh sea breeze is a real experience.
Crystal clear water around you, swimming in wild coves, makes you feel like in the “Blue Lagoon” movie.
From the middle of the channel, stunning Dalmatian coast panorama will hit you from the distance.
That is the true picture of Dalmatia

That’s why we offer a variety of tours tailored to your profile.


Boat trip to island of Brac is highly recommended family trip.
Sailing duration from Split to island of Brac will last less then hour in a speed boat. It takes a bit longer in slower kind of boats.
During boat trip you will see amazing panorama of Split from the sea. Worth seeing is also panorama of surrounding Dalmatian coast.
When you get to Brac, numerous bays with clear water and pine trees are waiting for you. Usually, trips include visit to hidden coves where you can enjoy swimming. Boat personnel will offer you refreshing drinks and usually fresh grilled fish for lunch.

Excursions by speedboats to Brac, Hvar and Vis – recommended for those who are looking for more thrill. Speed boats provide more adrenaline and excitement.
This trip is suitable for smaller groups. Quick arrival to the islands leaves more time for swimming and exploring islands and their attractions.
In agreement with the organizer, depending on the weather, it is possible to select trip type.
There are different routes, places, beaches, natural and cultural monuments that you might wish to see.

Combined excursion to all three islands including all natural and historical spots worth seeing.
Some of most popular are: Blue Cave, Green Cave, famous beach Zlatni Rat, Palmizana (Pakleni otoci), Hvar Town.
This trip will take almost whole day but it will be worth it.
It is much harder to organize your time and activities good enough on your own.
Therefore, explore and discover all natural and cultural beauties of Dalmatian islands with the help of professionals
This trip offers insight of Dalmatian islands and panorama of central Dalmatian coast in one day trip.