Zrnovnica is a small town located in the passage at the foot of mountain Mosor along the river which carries the same name – Zrnovnica. The river flows into the sea near Stobrec. One can either rent Stobrec Apartment, Zrnovnica apartment and Podstrana apartment for enjoying this area.


It is possible to walk or bike upstream along the beautiful banks of the river from the river mouth all the way to the town Zrnovnica where you can visit one of the few preserved watermills or maybe check the stonepit where they filmed scenes of “A Game of Thrones” series. Besides above mentioned, river is rich with trout.

Folk tradition says that the Emperor Diocletian had a hunting lodge near Zrnovnica and that building and bonding material for Diocletian’s palace was exploited from that area.

One of the oldest traditions in gastronomy of this place is preparing a delicacy called “Soparnik”. This delicacy dates back to the time before the Turks. For the preparation it requires wooden board on which it’s rolled and then baked. There is a story that Napoleon loved “Soparnik” and carried the meal recipe to France.