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If you plan a peaceful Dalmatia vacation away from the noise and crowded beaches with the possibility of daily city tour and swim with your family, or looking for the excitement of summer vacation with your friends, Holidays-Dalmatia can offer a whole panel of quality accommodation ranging from small Dalmatia apartments to luxury villas located all over seacoast places like Omis, Podstrana, Kastela, Split, Stobreč, Žrnovnica and islands at very reasonable rates.

Why with us

Holidays-Dalmatia is always on your disposal for any help you might need; recommendations for local transportation, gastronomy, cultural events, trips to nearby islands and national parks. We will make sure to find exactly your tailor-made accommodation with the opportunity to have your Dalmatia Holidays in Dalmatian life-style.
Create your holiday

Create your holiday

Choose your Dalmatia-holiday spot. Share your Dalmatia vacation plans and wishes with us. Your guidelines combined with our experience and knowledge will result in quick, stress-free and perfect accommodation search for you and your family.
Maximize your enjoyment

Maximize your enjoyment

Dalmatia is known for clear sea and its pleasant Mediterranean climate. But you probably do not want to spend 24hrs a day, 7 days a week absorbing the sun and sea only, do you? There is much more to see and experience during Dalmatia vacation. There is a lot of time to enjoy other activities.
Safe destination

Safe destination

If we look at most important safety and security issues in Europe and wider, we can assure you that spending Holidays in Dalmatia is very smart move since this is one of the rare risk free areas on the map. Criminal rate is very low. There is no racial intolerance.
Personal assistance

Personal assistance

Our team has experience, knowledge and connections. By staying on your disposal, Holidays-Dalmatia team will make you feel at home. You’ll always have someone to turn to in case of need. Holidays-Dalmatia takes care of their guests.
Tukaj smo rezervirali apartma, hitra in kalitetna usluga. Hvala Mirela, Slovenia
Gorąco polecam stronę internetową w łatwy i szybki sposób można zarezerwować upragnione wakacje w Chorwacji!! Szybka odpowiedz właściciel pomogła wybrać bardzo fajny apartament. Jak rezerwować wakacje w Dalmacji to tylko u nich!! Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc w rezerwacji i super wakacje!! Karolina, Slovenia


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Why a Polish girl loves holidays in Dalmatia?

Why a Polish girl loves holidays in Dalmatia? As you might have noticed: in the summer time many Polish people travel from Poland to Croatia for their Dalmatian vacations. They not only come once for the holidays but they come back every year! For example my parents have been travelling to Dalmatia almost every year

coffee time during vacation in dalmatia
Dalmatian Philosophy – Di je prisa

Dalmatian Philosophy – Di je prisa Holidays in Dalmatia will provide a whole series of sensations. This Roman Province is rich in old architecture which is still quite “alive”. Small towns are merging ancient and modern style, noisy narrow streets, lively markets, gastronomy dominated by Mediterranean cuisine but also influenced by Eastern cuisine, mostly from

explore and enjoy "game of thrones" tour with holidays-dalmatia team
“Game of thrones” tour with Holidays-Dalmatia

“Game of thrones” tour with Holidays-Dalmatia Over the centuries, various civilizations and cultures have occupied Dalmatia which had great influence in its development. Consequently, historic centers of Dalmatian cities reflect culture of ancient Greek colonies, Romans, early Christianity, Napoleon and Austro-Hungarian monarchy. This is in particular apparent in the architecture of preserved buildings from that

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