Why a Polish girl loves holidays in Dalmatia?

As you might have noticed: in the summer time many Polish people travel from Poland to Croatia for their Dalmatian vacations. They not only come once for the holidays but they come back every year! For example my parents have been travelling to Dalmatia almost every year since 1998.

But what is it in Croatia that keeps me coming back? Why do I love holidays in Dalmatia so much?

First of all: the sea. The Adriatic is as clear as the feeling of joy I felt when I saw it for the first time. It’s also warm because of the sunny weather. Every evening, the Sun itself goes to sleep into the crystal clear water in spectacular ways.

All Polish people agree that Dalmatian people are very friendly. Whenever we look for an apartment in Dalmatia – they are helpful and warm (like the Croatian summer weather). The Croatian and Polish mentalities are very close to one another, like our languages – so we don’t have problems with communication or finding accommodation in Dalmatia. We can always talk to Croats, even when we have no idea about the meaning of some words.

When we find our “dalmatia apartments” we can relax and go see the great Dalmatian architecture as well as the breathtaking nature. No matter if it’s the work of generations past like the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Dubrovnik city walls, the Pula amphitheatre, the Trogir UNESCO city centre or the work of nature like the Krka National Park or the Kornati islands…, – we admire them truly.

But we also love the stony beaches and the narrow stone streets. Be it a bigger town or a small village – every place has its own charm and charisma. What’s more I can tell you for sure that Croatia has a beautiful coast.

I think that the best way to spend your vacation in Dalmatia is being present in the here and now. To feel everything, to taste, smell and listen.

My favourite part of feeling the summer is swimming in the sea. The Dalmatian people say that if you are burdened by worries or problems – the best cure for all is the sea. And it’s true. I have always loved the feeling of the peaceful velvet surrounding me when I go deeper and deeper into the water. It makes us healthier and happier.

Holidays in Dalmatia

I love to spend the holidays in Dalmatia even more in the summer time because of figs and other sunny fruit, fresh fish and sea creatures (especially on a plate 🙂 ). There’s something magical and tasty in the way people live here. You can swim every day in the sea, eat homemade produce from the local open market, drink homemade wine, talk with friendly people, dream big and small under the summer sky full of stars.

The blossoming lavender, growing rosemary or wonderful pine forests always paint my heart with a wealth of smelly summer memories…

If you love to meet new people you can always have fun with the locals. People here are forthcoming and open hearted. What’s more, they all seem to have a great talent for singing, even while playing water-polo. One thing I can’t have enough of are the sunsets… Every afternoon the breathtaking spectacle begins. In that moment everything and everyone moves in slow motion. There is no one who would turn his back to this romantic and ever changing premiere as the Sun goes down.

When the night is near you can hear cicadas singing through the falling dark. They will also sing Croatian lullabies for you until you fall asleep…

That’s Why a Polish girl loves holidays in Dalmatia.

Author: Magdalena Helena

I’m a Polish girl living in Croatia, Zagreb.  As you can see – I’m writing from the heart and with humor. You can find my page here

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