Dalmatian Philosophy – Di je prisa

Holidays in Dalmatia will provide a whole series of sensations. This Roman Province is rich in old architecture which is still quite “alive”. Small towns are merging ancient and modern style, noisy narrow streets, lively markets, gastronomy dominated by Mediterranean cuisine but also influenced by Eastern cuisine, mostly from Turkey.  There is an essential ritual of drinking coffee in many local cafes on every corner.

Dalmatians have daily rituals and distinctive lifestyle during the period of Summer under the slogan “di je priša?”, which can hardly be literally translated, yet must be experienced. The closest meaning would be a state of mind in which there is no rush and everything is going slowly and rather hedonistic.

How? – By enjoying in little things in everyday life, every ray of sunshine, every sip of coffee, listening to the cry of a seagull, enjoying the view and smell of the sea, watching a ferry slowly departing from the port, listening to the noise of all the languages ​​spoken by foreigners heading to the next ferry with their luggage, smiling back to a child, having a chat with all friends and acquaintances you bump into in the street, getting excited about bargaining at local market for fresh fish or vegetables, feeling hungry because of the beautiful smell of basil coming from nearby restaurant. “Di je priša?” – slow down and sense it all!

Local market

Dalmatian women, and some men, really love to cook. That is the custom. It goes without saying that lunch and often even dinner must be served. Family meals are an inevitable thing in most households.
In a culture that defies the modern hectic pace of life and nurtures family values, meals are rituals that foster interpersonal connections
If Dalmatian is free in the morning, he will certainly visit local market. During Summer, this is a real experience. Market is located in the city center of Split next to the walls of Diocletian’s palace and during the summer period it looks like a big noisy anthill. Thousands of people are purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables, domestic chees, honey, wine. It is very important to know “grannies” that sell their ecological products on the market, grown in Dalmatian hinterland.

After getting the right groceries, you must hit the fish market. That’s rather a smelly place situated next to famous Marmontova street, but it has its charms. The earlier you get there, the more fresh fish you’ll be able to find. Fish offer is very important for locals. There is even a daily report over the radio each morning about supply and price of fish on the fish market.

After getting fresh groceries and fish or meat, you must head home before noon and start preparing the meal. Around lunch hours whole town smells like one big restaurant.

Our goal is to provide a little extra sensation – to create conditions for you to experience holidays in Dalmatia through local life philosophy “Di je priša” by offering you suitable Dalmatia apartment in lively locations in Dalmatian cities.