Adventure activities in Dalmatia

In cooperation with Holidays-Dalmatia long-term trusted partners, for those who are not satisfied merely with relaxing time on the beaches, yet looking for fun and adventure, we offer following adventure activities in Dalmatia:


Rafting down the Cetina river

It is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers with breathtaking landscapes and amazing canyon.
It rises in the hinterland and flows into the sea near the pirate town of Omis. Distance to Split is about 20-30 min by car. Rafting begins in Slime and ends at the resort “Luka”.
It is a 3-hour descent down a quiet part of the Cetina combined with parts full of excitement over the rapids.

All activities happen under the supervision of qualified skippers.
Turbulent rapids are exciting and will require a complete physical engagement of your body.
The amount of adrenaline will be big enough to enjoy the adventure.
After the exciting parts, peaceful parts of the river will follow. There, you can relax and enjoy the lush vegetation, nature and Dalmatian karst.
Recommended age limit is 6.


enjoy your activity during your vacation in dalmatia


This activity is much more complex than just rafting. It includes swimming, walking and lowering down the cliff with the rope (in extreme version).
Canyoning provides a complete experience of the river canyon and its accompanying landscape.
Duration of the trip is approximately 3-4 hours. River temperature over the season is 15-20 degrees and it’s suitable for swimming.
Age limit for participants is 8.


enjoy your adrenaline activity


Enjoy Dalmatia vacation from a bird’s eye view!
Adrenalin ride on a zip line over the canyon of the river Cetina.
You don’t want to miss this one! It is a terrific way to get to know landscapes of karst and Cetina river canyon.
It is almost like you are a drone yourself.
From your exciting and crazy ride on a zip-line, you will take home unforgettable memories and photos.