Land trips

Holidays-Dalmatia organizes land tours to many places in Dalmatia. We offer tours to the capital, Split, as well as some smaller dalmatian towns (antique Salona, Stobrec, Trogir, Kastela, Podstrana, Omis, Imotski…etc)

On your request we will be happy to organize a trip for you and your family to interesting nearby places such as:


Split is capital of Dalmatia with population of around 200 000. It is its cultural and transit center. Ferry connections to all Dalmatian islands begin and end in the beautiful port of Split.
Through 2000 years, many different civilizations lived here and all of them left their marks in making this town a breathtaking place. The most impressive is Diocletian’s Palace from which, through centuries, Split was developed into modern city of today.

Spacious and sunny apartment in Split Sv.Duje


Famous from Turkish wars, but today it attracts attention due to the locations where they filmed episodes of the popular series “A games of Thrones”




famous pirate town. Situated at the mouth of the river Cetina and because of its specific location provides an opportunity for marine, underwater and mountaineering activities.


This little Dalmatian town is situated in continental part of Dalmatia and is famous for knight game “ALKA” which is held there every year in August since the beginning of the 18th century, in a sign of victory over Turkish invaders. If you are fan of games, riders, horses and knights, this is the place you should visit.


The best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in central Europe. It’s largely located on a small island. One pedestrian and one larger stone bridge for vehicles are connected to the mainland and the stone bridge to the island of Ciovo. Trogir is a place for guests who prefer number of cultural events and pleasant sightseeing of the historic buildings. Of course, with this you can enjoy the beaches of the beautiful sea.


unaltered natural beauty with seven travertine waterfalls


Ruins of Salona. Over 2000 years old ancient place and capital of the historical Roman province of Dalmatia


Stonepit in little place called Žrnovnica is another spot where episodes of famous series “A Game of Thrones” were filmed.


Old and beautiful. Center of Dalmatia with very long history (before Greeks arrived), positioned on the water with rather romantic elements in his architecture and historical stories. Must see spot in Zadar is famous Sea Organ.


Well known Roman Catholic pilgrimage destination in the world. It became famous when apparitions of the Virgin Mary started back in 1981.
Medjugorje is a small place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but rather close distance by car from any place in Dalmatia.


Red and Blue Lakes are located near the town Imotski in the Dalmatian hinterland and represent phenomena of Dalmatian karst


Located in a protected natural harbor in the middle of eastern Adriatic coast, on river Krka, on the foundations of rich Croatian history.